Innovation och utveckling

This is InnoSpire - A partner in business development and innovation

In fierce competition both globally and in Sweden it is only those companies that are constantly evolving and finding new products and services and new ways of producing these that will be successful. Technology development and changes in society constantly change prerequisites for production. Those who can quickly adapt to a market in motion will have a great lead. This is more so in the economic crisis we now find ourselves in.

The same applies to public organizations even if they don´t act on a market, but are fund and rule-driven. Increasing duties, appropriation reductions and revised directive puts pressure on the organization to manage the economy and find new solutions to their mission.

Innovation capacity is a key factor in the company´s and the organization's success.

InnoSpire helps companies and organizations to improve and find new products, services and practices, and better and more cost-efficient ways to produce and implement.

We use SIP Structured Innovation Process® that highlights innovation space in every part of the company or organization's activities.