Innovation och utveckling

The staff as a resource in the innovation process

Anyone who is employed has once been judged by the company to have the characteristics required to perform his/her duties. Often these duties are very narrow and limited. We believe that each employee has a lot more skills than their distinct functions require and are sitting on lots of new ideas. Everyone has a creative ability that is rarely taken care of to its full extent.

When was the last time the staff had a chance to develop their ideas and thoughts?

Here they will have the chance. Hence in our innovation seminars and workshops the companys/organizations own staff is the most important resource. They have long experience, skills and strong knowledge of their own operations. Is there really someone else who knows more than they do?

If the staff is taking active part in developing new ideas, these will also be much easier to implement in the business. Externally-developed solutions can be very difficult to implement because they are often poorly anchored and do not permeate the staff's thinking.

To undergo a SIP Structured Innovation Process® will generate a very large number of new ideas and suggestions. Assume that each participant in our innovation seminars finds 5-10 new ideas (low estimate). Multiply by the number of employees. Although only 10% of these ideas are directly useful, they create a great innovation value for the company/organization. The other ideas may need to mature and can be taken out again when the business conditions change.