Innovation och utveckling

SIP Structured Innovation Process®

- The best ideas will come to you when you least expect it.

There is much truth in that claim. But to sit and wait for this inspiration as the sole method of innovation will make a feeble performance.

We think that also innovationwork is possible to structure in an excellent manner. With our method SIP Structured Innovation Process®, all parts of the business are gradually analyzed. In each part, big or small, there is a great creative space for innovations which are taken into account. SIP helps the company/organization to get perspective on their activities and analyze their circumstances in relation to competitors, customers, suppliers and partners.

By following a structure you are ensured that no part of activity is forgotten or that parts are avoided because they are sensitive or that you do not believe that there is opportunity for innovation there.

The process is dynamic and will be adapted to the companys/organizations needs. The client determines whether to make a complete scanning of the entire activity, or focus on a distinct part. In the process we use ®InnoSpire Tools which is a toolkit for creativity and innovation.